About the company

SOF Soft Company is a leading company in
the field of software      that needs to be experts in the field of computer

  1.1  Briefly description
     SOF Soft Company is a leading company in
the field of software  that needs to be experts in the field of computer science,  information technology and software engineering methodology
  1.2  Products
     1.  Business Application Development
     2.  Website & Web Application Development
     3.  Scientific Applications
     4.  Game Programming
     5.  E-Commerce Systems
     6.  Social Networking & Social Media Marketing
     7.  Search Engine Optimization Services
     8.  Mobile Technology Services
     9.  Creative Graphic Design
     10.  Training

2. Projects
   2.2 Business applications
   2.2.1 Falcon project
This system to help company to organizing it`s record, follow up employee, organizing store and classification customers on the weight. 
There is only one main admin and the other admins is responsible for organizing the company`s department. 
The employee can do mine functions it dependent on their department (each department has specific function), example: the employee who do financial statements reports can`t selling or buying and so it. 
The system is monitoring the entry and exit of employees, will also know of inputs and outputs and the employee who made the process automatic, customers are classified according to the number of purchases and the number of times that bought a company's products also automatically by the system, helps to organize  financial statements so that the employee only insert data (buying and selling) and it make the financial statements is end on time that admin wants. 

  2.2.2 Realtor marketing site
Site on the Internet doing storage of information and the ability to work (optional) Auto hide the data which the company does not want to appear to customers such as the telephone number of the owner of advertising and store pictures in the declaration to describe the house or landWebsite design will address two main parts, namely:
A - Part of the management of the site and the control panel.
B - Part of customers, visitors and the site interface

Able to send messages to customers and full control by the administration of the site everything through the Internet and mobile SMS

The site research work in the rest of the other sites - a minimum 5 sites to search - for Advertising & Real Estate News (the secretarial job reading a newspaper and created reports) This is something similar to the task of Google but in the form of miniature.

Add to that the site is doing a report on the search Web sites, it is in the thinking and help the decision maker in determining which of these ads is an opportunity based on Standards set by the site owner.